She Tends

Recommended fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen

Stitch count: 41 x 40 each

c. Teri Richards 2008

To stitch this design you will need a 25 x 70cm Long Eigth

Please choose the fabric & colour you require

We recommend Spice Blend Celtic, Gravestone, Fern Gully or Wintered Marble

These are the items we supply to stitch this design.

"Make your own kit" by selecting those items which you would like at this time.


She Tends Chart

SB ST Chart

This is for the chart only - please select any additional items separately.

She Tends Charms

SB ST Charms

4 Sterling Silver Charms required to stitch this design from Shepherds Bush

We are unable to purchase theese charms at the moment, please contact for details.

This is for the Sterling Silver charms only - please select any additional items separately.

She Tends Thread Pack

SB ST Threads

This kit contains 17 skeins of hand-dyed cotton:

GAST: Chamomile, Summer Meadow, Grasshopper, Oatmeal

WDW: Dove, Honeysuckle, Dolphin

Crescent Colours Cottons: Ye Olde Gold, Wild Berries, Red Current, Chocolate Cream Pie, English Ivy, Black Coffee, Bean Sprout, Poblano Pepper, Little PInk Peony, Clay Pot

This does not include chart, charms or fabric, please choose those items separately.

Long EigthLE


Measures 25 x 70 cm or 9.8 x 27.6 inches

Please Choose Fabric & Colour

Please note that some opalescent fabrics are in short supply, product only available while stocks last.

Double Dyed colours are only available in Linen & Jobelan 28ct fabric

Beading Cotton

5metre Skein of 6 stranded cotton dyed in Spice Blend Colours