Quaker Turtles

Recommended fabric: 32ct Linen

Fabric Size: 10in x 18in

c. Ellen Chester 2008

To stitch this design you will need a 35 x 50cm Fat Eigth

Please choose the fabric & colour you require. We are stitching our model on Dawn Light 32ct Jobelan with WDW Ultraviolet Stranded cotton & Using purple felt.

These are the items we supply to stitch this design.

"Make your own kit" by selecting those items which you would like at this time.


Quaker Turtles Chart

WMN QT Chart
Please note this design is recommended to be stitched using 1 strand of cotton over 1 linen thread on 32ct linen.  Larger counts may be used, but will result in larger turtles & will require more fabric & thread than shown here. 

This is for the chart only - please select any additional items separately.

Fat Eigth


Measures 35 x 50 cm or 13.8 x 19.7 inches

Please Choose Fabric & Colour

Please note that some opalescent fabrics are in short supply, product only available while stocks last.