Lady of the Mist MD93

In the garden at dusk is where you find the "Lady of the Mist".  She is usually surrounded by many petalled mossy roses.  The petals are crushed beneath her feet and their heavy scent is thick in the air.  The crickets sweet symphony accompanies the sound of her rustling ssatin gown.  You can see her when the blue moonlight reflects across her pale skin.  Why she chooses to linger in such a place is a beautiful mystery.

Recommended fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen

c. Mirabilia Designs

To stitch this design you will need a 50 x 70cm Fat Quarter

Please choose the fabric & colour you require, our model has been stitched on Spice Blend Atlantis in Belfast 32ct linen Opalescent.

These are the items we supply to stitch this design.

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Lady of the Mist Chart

MD93 Chart
This is for the chart only - please select any additional items separately.

Lady of the Mist Sparkly Bits

MD93 Kit

This pack contains:

Mill Hill Beads: 2022, 2078, 16609, 18010, 40252 x 3, 42017, 42031 x 2

This kit does not contain stranded cotton, fabric or chart - please select those options separately.

Stranded Cotton Pack

MD93 Cotton

This pack contains 43 skeins of Presencia Stranded Cotton as used to stitch our model.  A conversion list from DMC to Presencia cottons is also provided with this pack.

This pack does not contain chart, fabric, DMC Colour Variations or sparkly bits required to stitch this design, please choose those items separately.

DMC Colour Variations


This pack contains 3 skeins of DMC Colour Variations Stranded Cotton as used to stitch our model. 

This pack does not contain chart, fabric, solid coloured strandard cotton or sparkly bits required to stitch this design, please choose those items separately.

Fat QuarterFQ


Measures 50 x 70 cm or 19.7 x 27.6 inches

Please Choose Fabric & Colour

Please note that some opalescent fabrics are in short supply, product only available while stocks last.

Double Dyed colours are only available in Linen & Jobelan 28ct fabric

Beading Cotton

5metre Skein of 6 stranded cotton dyed in Spice Blend Colours