Into The Blue

Blue Clouds for a sky background, or just a soft gentle country mottled blue.

We have stitched The Cloister Garden by The Drawn Thread using Jobelan 32ct.

The photo shows Evenweave on top, then linen & Aida on the bottom.






Fat Eigth

35.00cm x 50.00cm

13.80" x 19.70"

Long Eigth

25.00cm x 70.00cm

9.80" x 27.60"

Fat Quarter

50.00cm x 70.00cm

19.70" x 27.60"

Lizzie Kate Cut

35.00cm x 100.00cm

13.80" x 39.40"

Skinny Quarter

25.00cm x 140.00cm

9.80" x 55.10"

Fat Half

70.00cm x 100.00cm

27.60" x 39.40"

Half Metre

50.00cm x 140.00cm

19.70" x 55.10"

Banner Cut

35.00cm x 140.00cm

13.80" x 55.10"

70 Square

70.00cm x 70.00cm

27.60" x 27.60"

70 Length

70.00cm x 140.00cm

27.60" x 55.10"

100 Square

100.00cm x 100.00cm

39.40" x 39.40"

Full Metre

100.00cm x 140.00cm

39.40" x 55.10"


We work diligently to produce a product that is consistent.  As with any Hand Dyeing process, there could be colour variances within dye lots. 



Aida Into The Blue 018



Aida Opal Into The Blue 018


Available in 14ct only


Linen Into The Blue 018



Linen Opal Into The Blue 018



Lugana / Jubilee Into The Blue 018


Lugana Opal Into The Blue 018


Jobelan Into The Blue 018


Available in 28ct only

Quilters Muslin - Into The Blue 018


Shanghai Linen - Into The Blue 018

This is an unevenweave - approx 34ct

Bamboo Silk - Into The Blue 018


Please note that this is a smaller cut than our standard fabrics - a Fat Quarter measures 50 x 60cm pre-dyed.