Online 70 Medieval Octagon

This design comes in 2 colourways - choose the colourway you would like

From Martina: a Medieval themed and colored Octagon.Designed in TWO colorways, but of course you can switch colors for say, the Blackwork areas. One colorway is into the Blue/Turqoise/Green - the other features warmer shades plus some violets and ochres.On the black background I changed the darkblue and black background of the medaillons to some pastel greens - and voilá! There is a 100% different look!

This is an online chart purchased directly from the designer. Find details at the website:

Recommended fabric: 32ct Linen

c. Martina Weber Chatelaine Designs

Stitch count: 209 x 209

To stitch this design you will need a 50 x 70cm Fat Quarter.

Please choose the fabric & colour you require

These are the items we supply to stitch this design.

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Medieval Octagon Kit

Chat ON70 Kit

This kit contains the specialty items required to stitch this design:

Please note this is a 16-22% discount from buying the individual items required

Colour Way 1:

Gloriana Stranded Silk x 4

Waterlillies Stranded Silk x 8

Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure braid x 2

Delica beads x 6 colours

Swarovski 4mm Bicones x 3 colours

Swarovski 8mm Round x 1 colour

Colour Way 2:

Silk N Colours x 2

Gloriana Stranded Silk x 3

Waterlillies Stranded Silk x 5

Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure braid x 3

Delica beads x 6 colours

Swarovski 4mm Bicones x 3 colours

Swarovski 8mm Round x 1 colour

This kit does not contain fabric, beading thread, DMC or chart - please select those options separately.

Medieval Octagon Bead Pack

Chat ON70 Beads

This kit contains the delica beads & swarovski crystals required to stitch this design:

Please indicate the colourway required

This kit does not contain fabric, thread or chart - please select those options separately.

Fat QuarterFQ


Measures 50 x 70 cm or 19.7 x 27.6 inches

Please Choose Fabric & Colour

Please note that some opalescent fabrics are in short supply, product only available while stocks last.

Double Dyed colours are only available in Linen & Jobelan 28ct fabric

Beading Cotton

5metre Skein of 6 stranded cotton dyed in Spice Blend Colours